We partner with our clients to solve problems, find opportunities, and intelligently shape the world through holistic service design thinking.There are four areas of expertise clients can draw on when working with 8brand:

User insight ensures we start from a position of market and user understanding.
Business design delivers quality business, technology planning and a solid strategic foundation.
Experience design focuses on inspiring and delighting users across interfaces.
Our wide marketing experience ensures powerful branding and profitable service launches.

Our staff bring a broad background in design to their work, some are specialised and have very deep knowledge of a subject area; others work across several traditional strategy and design disciplines

It is the teamwork and the learning at 8brand that delivers results – and enables us to offer a wide range of services:

8brand creates innovative graphic design, packaging and corporate identities that deliver high visibility and impact, which uplifts the value of your product or service and develops your company’s brand into a tangible asset.

8brand has adopted a formal approach to analysing the critical components of the graphic design. We study the boundaries of any product, service or corporation and utilise them to move the brand to its desired potential.

The uniqueness of the brand experience is captured in defining the application of iconography, imagery, colour and typography. This thought process may involve the evolution, extension or creation of relevant and strong brand iconography that translates the design strategy into an impactful language that the consumer understands. .

Graphic Design is more than just a visual translation of a concept. It allows a brand to communicate specific messages through visual cues, graphic devices and imagery.

8brand has taken graphic design to a whole new level, delivering more than just aesthetic appeal but rather inspiring designs that evoke emotion and transcends trends.

Territory Branding is not an above or below-the-line communication. It is an exercise in heightening brand appeal beyond the conventional means of marketing.

It is designed to entrench the brand in the world of its consumer by relating to them in their terms and on their turf. It reinforces and educates the pre-determent target market as to a brand’s core values and attaches to the brand’s deeper, more emotional connotations:

  • Impactful
  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Satisfying

The benefit of the presence campaign is the ability to leverage ad spend while achieving maximum return. An effective presence campaign can see an increase in sales of up to 35%, especially in peri-urban markets.

After conducting key staff interviews that covered everything from internal perception of the brand to their specific job functions, we analysed the data and tailored a creative package that suited and addressed the organisation’s requirement.

The “Living the Brand” programme we developed mapped company goals and brand values to that of it’s staff.

Experiential Marketing is one of the most innovative marketing tools that we have used to create one-on-one personal interaction between brands and their customers. The benefit of this method of marketing is that it engages rather than educates the consumer.

This Branded Customer Experience could single-handedly be one of the most important tool in creating true Brand Loyalty.

It includes all interactive E-marketing tools such as websites, email campaigns and all multi-disciplinary Internet-based applications which will built your brand – better, faster and more cost effectively.