Proprietary Tools

Develops key emotive and experiential attributes of a brand and exploits them through identity management programmes, directly in line with market segmentation and use occasion. Territory Branding takes an established brand and exploits it beyond primary trademark exposure, concentrating rather on delivering than total experience of the brand symbolism, emotion and care values. It ensures a comprehensive brand presence across diverse market segments, positioning the brand as part of the situation. It enhances the brand’s image and takes ownership of the environment while engaging a specific market at the right time in the right place, with the right message.

Defines a specific brand architecture and brand language in terms of every element of the brand image and formulates that into a template that can be applied irrespective of the brand custodian, agency or application. It seeks to define the brand architecture through expanding upon the brand muscles and brand positioning to develop a style or “design language” that communicates the essence and values of the product or service in a manner that is both unique to itself and also universally understood. This formulation of a power and consolidation brand ‘template’ enables the brand to be implemented across any campaign or program in a way that there is no deviation from the powerful imagery associated with the brand, irrespective of the medium or the custodian.

Is a process which applies strategic research and analysis to identify a brand’s positive, negative and neutral values and attributes in terms of its iconography. It strategically exploits, evolves or develops these brand values in a way that they are explicitly expressed through design elements. These may be in the form of identity elements or brand architecture. Breakthru Branding® creates renewed brand positioning while leveraging the brand’s original positive equity. This process ensures that the dialogue with the brand’s audience remains relevant and consistently reinforces the brand’s values within its target market.

The benefit of the presence campaign is the ability to leverage ad spend while achieving maximum return. An effective presence campaign can see an increase in sales of up to 35%, especially in peri-urban markets.

Is a highly effective approach to promotional campaigns that maximises both budgets and returns. The process recognises two or more brands with strong complementary values and draws them into a mutually beneficial association. The association exploits the brand synergies in a manner that boosts awareness of the brand values and draws the customer into partaking in the brand.