8 Step Process

In order for us to apply effective branding to any company’s service or product, it is vitally important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand and its environment. Fundamental strategic communication is a logically planned programme, which will cater for the ever-changing needs of companies, their products, services and environments. Without an understanding of what the values of the brand are, what the perception of the brand is amongst stakeholders and what the desired positioning of the brand is, strategic design is impossible.

Therefore at the outset of any project we carry out extensive qualitative and quantitative research with regards to all aspects of the design development. These Key Personal Interviews (KPI) and analyses are conducted at every level and from every aspect of interaction with the brand ñ including shareholders, current customers, business peers, users, potential partners, potential customers and staff. This phase determines the brand’s positive and negative perceptions or associations and forms the foundation from which to build the brand into its desired end-state. It also determines what is needed to develop the strategy or process for arriving at this point by evening out the current reality of the brand.


  • Data Collection
  • Paper and Primary Environmental Audit
  • Key Personal Interviews